All about Fixing Your Extension Spring Pulley

Have you got an extension spring garage door? Chances are you do since many are. These doorways use cables and pulleys to open and close the door, and the door tends to last longer than the springs. On the other hand, the exposed elements of these doors, including the pulleys, are at a high risk of harm. Here is how you can tell if your garage door repair Sedona AZ pulley is in need of replacement, and also what the replacement entails.

How to Tell If Your Extension Spring Pulley Requires Replacement



If your garage door is the extension spring garage door, and the pulley breaks, then the garage door will stop part of the way when you’re attempting to open the doorway. This typically will lead to a high-pitched screeching noise in addition to the problems opening and closing. If you notice both of these problems, have a peek at the pulley and cables, and also see if there is a pulley that looks broken. The majority of the time the harm occurs when the ball bearings wear out.

How to Change an Extension Spring Pulley?



Extension spring pulley replacement is dangerous and is best handled by a professional or someone who has extensive experience working with garage doors. As you browse the measures below, keep in mind that you are always safer to call a professional if you have any doubt about your abilities to take care of the work safely.

To start, make sure that the garage door is closed, then disconnect the garage door opener and repaint it together with the emergency release cable. Open the door to the point at which you can not open it, however, do not force it past this stage and make the issue worse. Use a piece of wood or some other item that may stabilize the doorway to prop it open to the point.

Then check that the cables connected to the pulleys are idle. Then remove the cable clip in the s-hook, which will get rid of the cable from the pulley. The pulley is on the track with a bolt. Remove this bolt and remove the pulley. Install the pedal and fix it as the old one was. Reattach everything, and check to find out whether the door opens or not. If it does, restore power and re-engage the door. Bear in mind, however, that this may sound simple, but it is actually very dangerous. Extension springs can break and fly at you, causing serious injury. If you Believe That you would like a professional to handle this job for you.